Apartment building with underground car park in ul. Wiślana 8

Number of parking spaces
Floor area of flats, commercial premises
2951 m2 m2
Total floor area
4847 m2 m2
Number of flats
Usable floor area of flats
2640,5 m2 m2
Floor area of commercial premises
310,5 m2 m2
Design team
arch. Maciej Rudzki
arch. Paweł Szałkowski
Date of completion

The building is located in the heart of Powiśle at the foot of Skarpa Warszawska, between Warsaw University and the new University Library, with a view over The Royal Castle. One of the first modern apartment buildings in this area of Warsaw, deliberately given a modest and disciplined form, limited to 5 floors, so as not to dominate and obscure the views over its historical neighbourhood and The River Vistula. Inside, it boasts a multi-level lobby with a circular staircase and a glass cabin of a panoramic lift.

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