Multi-family residential building with commercial premises and car park
Reconstruction of the annexe of the building in ul. Wilcza 22 in Warsaw

Number of parking spaces
Number of flats
Usable floor area of flats
742 m2 m2
Floor area of commercial premises
42 m2 m2
Floor area of flats, commercial premises
784 m2 m2
Design team
arch. Stanisław Chrzanowski
arch. Grzegorz Głębowski
arch. Piotr Klepacki

Project phase: conceptual project

Acting on instructions of a demanding German investor, we delivered the design of the superstructure of the front part of the building, which has been realised. The annexe of this tenement house from the early 20th century still awaits reconstruction. We have found an appropriate form for it – with lots of glass, banisters, which refer to the banisters in the main staircase and a mood that transports us to the beginning of the last century.

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