Multi-family residential building with commercial premises and car park in ul. Samochodowa in Warsaw

Number of flats
Floor area of flats, commercial premises
10 212 m2
Total floor area
19 888 m2
Usable floor area of flats
6203 m2
Floor area of commercial premises and offices
4185 m2
Floor area of flats, commercial premises and offices
10 388 m2
Number of parking spaces
Area of the plot
3314 m2
Design team
arch. Stanisław Chrzanowski
arch. Jacek Grabowski
arch. Grzegorz Głębowski
arch. Andrzej Meteńko
arch. Piotr Klepacki

Project phase: conceptual project

This development project is a proposal for investors who have a corner plot located among urban development. The tower situated in a corner contains offices or lofts. Other parts of the building contain traditional flats and apartments on the top floor. All ground floors are occupied by commercial premises

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