Multi-family residential buildings with commercial premises and car parks in ul. Żubowiecka in Warsaw

Number of flats
Usable floor area of flats
11 585 m2
Total floor area
23014 m2
Commercial floor area
700 m2
Floor area of flats, commercial premises
12285 m2
Number of parking spaces
Area of the plot
8531 m2
Design team
arch. Stanisław Chrzanowski
arch. Andrzej Meteńko
arch. Grzegorz Głębowski
arch. Piotr Klepacki

Project phase: conceptual project

A complex of residential buildings with an underground car park located in Białołęka Borough, surrounded by low-rise commercial and one-family buildings and 11-storey blocks of flats from the 1970s will create the new tissue of the city imposing order in the chaotic surroundings.

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